proposes management models that adapt to the needs of the corporate customer, offering the advantages of a single interlocutor capable of managing all services related to business travel, uniting results for businesses and quality services for people.

btexpert sees to:

  • Keeping costs down without giving up quality
  • Structuring the most appropriate services to the needs and expectations of every single customer, in order to productively personalize the relationship.
  • Researching the best quality/price ratio for all of the services (ticket office, deals with hotels and car rentals….).
  • Choosing the professional representative partners and committed to the hospitality of business travel.
  • Continuously verifying new proposals that can bring economic and operational improvements without lowering quality.
  • Improving the relationship between the business and the most used suppliers
  • Taking sconstant care of the growth of a culture oriented at improving response to the experiences of those who travel for work.
  • Specializing more and more in a complex atmosphere like the hospitality industry, developing critical thinking and hospitality and rate negotiation abilities.
  • Facing every kind of problem from a problem-solving perspective.
  • Booking, issuing and reimbursement of all airline tickets of scheduled or low cost flights.
  • Booking, issuing and reimbursement of all national and international railway tickets.
  • Booking and issuing of maritime tickets.
  • Hotel, residence, or apartment bookings in Italy and in the world.
  • Car rental bookings with and without drivers.
  • Information and assistance for visa requests.
  • Information about hygienic – sanitary regulations of countries worldwide.
  • Detailed information about travel services for every finalized booking.

Business Travel Consulting is oriented at analyzing company procedures and implementing solutions for continued improvements, aiming to reduce direct and indirect business travel costs.

Your Key Account Manager will manage every aspect of your business travel:

  • Create a Company Travel Policy
  • Guarantee applying proper contract specifications to optimize cost reduction and service operation
  • Propose using tools for pursuing and getting the best savings
  • Highlight eventual areas where intervention may be needed in order to optimize processes
  • Propose new technology and market development updates and changes for improving service standards.
  • Process data to produce analyses and reports based on the customer’s needs, with a representative readily available to analyze expenses.
  • Regularly monitor the quality of services rendered.
  • Verify an appropriate activity flow
  • Check user “Customer Satisfaction” and verify their level of satisfaction through special surveys.

With the aid of the Key Account Manager, btexpert offers support in defining optimal administration and bookkeeping services so as to limit indirect costs:

  • Issue a single, easy-to-read bookkeeping document, exportable in Excel, csv, etc.
  • Online estimate of travel expense documentation with a reduction in recording time.
  • Complete analysis of all incurred expenses
  • Allocate serial numbers, cost centers, authorizations
  • Issue account balances/invoices subdivided according to the specific needs:
    • per reference company
    • per cost center
    • per department
    • other
  • Reconciliation of credit card transactions

btexpert provides an exclusive 24/7 assistance service for your travellers. We answer requests by phone and/or email in Italian and English.
The service is provided by professionals that ensure coverage during closed office hours, Saturdays, and holidays and is guaranteed 365 days a year.
This type of assistance is extremely important for all travellers who need to make changes at any time during their trip; but also for booking flights, hotels, or rentals on weekends if needed.
The database is constantly updated with your traveller’s data, making it possible for the assistance team to view every traveller’s profile.
Guaranteed respect of company privacy policies.

BTExpert provides a team for EXECUTIVE – VIP services. The team responsible for your business travel includes skilled personnel and is generally reserved for company executives and/or people chosen by the customer, in order to quickly take care of all business travel needs by phone.

The VIP Service features are

Opening hours:
From 9:00p.m. to 7:00p.m. Monday to Friday
During closing hours, the 24H assistance is used.
Direct phone line

BTExpert offers a vast assortment of additional services such as:

  • Organizing transports with a luxury vehicle
  • Bookings at the best restaurants worldwide
  • Ticket bookings for sports, cultural, and theatrical events
  • Organizing personal assistance when boarding/getting off flights and within the airport
  • Multi-lingual assistants, interpreters, or translators
  • Booking sales meetings in hotels/airports
  • Characterizing private jets or yachts
  • VIP services in airports


The cost of business travel for companies is a necessary expense and usually a significant part of company budgets. Therefore, spending less, spending better, keeping costs down, and maintaining high-quality standards are just as important.


Is it possible to reduce costs or to save? Of course it is: it’s necessary to act on direct costs—travelling costs– as well as on indirect costs—managing costs–by applying some key criteria:

  • Using a professional and competent travel management company that listens to the special needs of every company.
  • Introducing and applying a business travel policy.
  • Moving up the booking time.
  • Negotiating contracts with the most used and trusted suppliers.
  • Implementing a self-booking tool.
  • Having complete and detailed reports.

Thanks to its skilled teams btexpert is able to follow your company and its specific requests in every phase of organizing business travel: from consulting, to flow analysis, and finally, data reports.


btexpert manages its business travel service with specialized products and technology


btexpert is equipped with its own advanced self booking tool that interfaces with different GDSs (Global Distribution System) and also directly with many suppliers’ systems, allowing the customer and individual travellers to independently book travel services at any time. Management and procedures are agreed upon and configured based on the company’s defined travel policy.

The s.b.t. is user-friendly and makes it possible to book:

  • Airline tickets
  • Trains
  • Hotels
  • Car rentals

Some advantages that make this tool more competitive than other tools are:

  • Personalizing user profiles on different levels.
  • Comparisons between trains and airplanes.
  • Ease in locating hotels based on distance from a certain address.
  • Ease in comparing hotels.
  • Changing train bookings independently.
  • Managing the shopping cart.
  • Overview of the flight/hotel/cart s.b.t.
  • Active 24/7.

This simple and reliable technology reduces booking times and is completely adaptable to specific needs.

The s.b.t. platform makes it possible to integrate research phases and business travel booking within company procedures, allowing them to communicate with the pre-existing infrastructures such as operation and trip authorization modules.


This program makes a company’s and its passenger’s data available. The database is capable of automating data acquisition for bookings on GDS or on s.b.t. and consequently elaborate the information for management purposes, for the customer’s statistics and information systems. The system also manages all the referral codes for the cost center, branch, serial number, sales assistant, department, etc.

The client profile is operated with maximum security and with respect to privacy.


This platform is owned by SABRE and offers travellers a tool for operating and organizing one’s own business travel. It is connected and integrated with our booking systems and, thanks to the most advanced technology, even to the WEB booking systems of the travel sector.

Tripcase is a simple and state-of-the-art that allows passengers to get information in real time with all the trip details. The itineraries booked on our system are automatically integrated and updated and are visible on one app that can be downloaded onto a smart phone or tablet after registering online:

It can be used by hundreds of our passengers and can be set up for secretaries so they always have the trips they’ve coordinated under control.


btexpert knows well the small and large company’s need for statistic analysis and provides a well-structured, efficient, and custom-designed report service.
Our system is capable of providing detailed reports, starting from travel document recording.

Online statistics on our specialized website and personalized statistics help the company:

  • Budget management
  • Analysis of agreements with suppliers
  • Control of management and the obtained savings
  • Constant monitoring of expenses
  • Benchmarking
  • Optimizing management and reimbursement timetable